Please allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Josua Hannink, born on the 7th of may 1984 in Tilburg, the Netherlands were I still live.
As a little boy I was fascinated by all animals. Not just pets, but also farm animals, exotic animals on TV and off course my toy dinosaurs. I knew soon in life that I wanted to work with animals and that dream has come true for me.

When I finished the Havo (college) I went to a school called Groenhorst College in Barneveld. There I did the studies to become a zookeeper, a veterinarian assistant and a degree to work with laboratory animals. After this I started working as a veterinarian assistant at a Clinic called ‘de Langstraat’ where we threat a lot of exotic mammals, birds and reptiles. What a dream job for me.

In the meanwhile I also worked over two and a half years at a reptile shop in Tilburg as a general manager. This was also a very fun job but in 2010 I bought a house with my wife Kim, so I didn’t have the time to work 55 hours a week.

I am also keeping reptiles as a hobby since the year 2000. After a long negotiation with my parents (they said I was just annoying) I finally got my first pet reptile, a bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps), because my parents found snakes still a bit scary.
But not long after that I got my first two cornsnakes (Elaphe guttata guttata). They were both anerytristics and I got interested in color mutations what I still find one of the most fun things about the snake hobby.
In the meantime I kept  a lot of different species such as  Pantherophis bairdi, Elaphe bimaculata, Gonyosoma jansenii, Elaphe schrencki, Heterodon nasicus, Gonyosoma oxycephala, Python regius, Eryx colubrinus en Lamprophis fuliginosus, but now I am mostly focused on Pantherophis guttatus and other cool ratsnakes.

Thanks for visiting my website,
Josua Hannink